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Emergency Decree May Be Extended Again After May 31

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Emergency Decree May Be Extended Again After May 31 | Samui Times
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A Military Source states that the Emergency Decree seems like it may continue for an additional month because the security authorities are still “not confident” about the Covid-19 situation despite lockout easing since the beginning of this month.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha met military top brass on Wednesday to address the Covid-19 outbreak that “wreaking havoc on people from all walks of life,” according to the source.

The source said the military commanders are willing to act according to the wishes of the government if it decides to extend the decree. The source also said that enforcement will continue until the pandemic facilitates.

Since the 17th of May, which has seen a large number of people flocking to shopping malls, the National Security Council, the National Intelligence Agency and military agencies have been monitoring the easing of business shutdowns.

According to the source, security agencies are worried about the public health effect if the state of emergency doesn’t end when more companies and activities are opened in June at the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA.).

In this “phase-2 relaxation period” the government will wait at least 14 days to determine whether new lock-up easing would result in more outbreaks of Covid-19.

The source said the CCSA would be dissolved without the Emergency Decree, and there would be no legal instruments available to the government including the shutdowns and a toolbox, which it used since 26 March to quickly contain the proliferation of new coronavirus if further action were required.

In the view of the security authorities, the enforcement of the Communicable Diseases Act alone is not enough, as the Ministry of Public Health must primarily exercise legal authority.

This is different from the ongoing CCSA management with the authorisation of Gen Prayut to offer a “single order” that combines both protection and public health.

Secretary-General of the National Security Council Somsak Roongsita said he would convene today a meeting between security officers and representatives of health and businesses on the enforcement of the executive decree which will end on 31 May.

The further enforcement of the law would rely largely on the “current situation of Covid-19,” he said. He said that the mostly one-digit rate of infection per day currently reported is the result of strict measures under the Decree last month.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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