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Energy Ministry encourages consumers to use charcoal stoves to combat gas hike

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Energy Ministry encourages consumers to use charcoal stoves to combat gas hike
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The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency has a solution to solve the recent gas hike: use a charcoal stove if cooking gas is too expensive.

The department’s official Facebook page yesterday uploaded a picture of a stove, with a caption saying ‘a charcoal stove is durable, helps save money, uses less charcoal, and offers a lot of heat.”

The stove in the picture is a Tao Mana Satethi, which translates as a millionaire’s stove. It was developed by the Ministry of Energy and is different from a stove sold a consumer would find in a marketplace. The stove provides 29% more heat than an ordinary cooker, which could help reduce a consumer’s energy bill by 500 to 600 baht per year.

Unsurprisingly, the post went viral on social media and Thai netizens’ comments were scathing toward the Energy Ministry’s promotion of the stove.

One said, “It’s a kindergarten project. Please do something that looks like a government official!” Other comments followed such as: “The officers from Energy Ministry should try it first.” “Should I go into the woods and pick some wood sticks?” “Yes… let’s set a fire in a condominium,” and “Why do we have to pay tax to hire these people?”

Gas prices have increased dramatically from April to June this year and the price of a 15 kilogramme gas cylinder climbed to 363 baht from 318.

The Energy Policy Administration Committee announced on June 15 that the price of gas would increase further from July 1 by 1 baht per kilogramme, and a 15 kilogramme cooking gas cylinder would cost 378 baht.

In August, the price is to be increased again by 15 baht, making the cost of a 15 kilogramme cooking gas cylinder 393 baht. In September, another 15 baht rise is intended, with the price of a 15 kilogramme cooking gas cylinder standing at 408 baht.

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