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Enraged wife throws husband’s “sideline girl” out of condo naked

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Enraged wife throws husband’s “sideline girl” out of condo naked | Samui Times
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The online world of Thai scandals and shares has hit new heights – or perhaps lows – with thousands of people viewing a couple’s marital meltdown as a naked mistress is humiliated on video.

The video shows a wife coming home to find her cheating rat of a husband in bed with a girl he has hired off the internet – known these days as “sideline girls” in Thai, reported Kapook.

While the wife films every step of the way the husband cowers while the girl is ordered out of the couple’s bedroom. Dressed only in a bed cover she scurries into the living room where the wife wants even that returned as the insults are hurled.

Virtually naked she is ejected from the premises and left crying by the condo lift before the husband retrieves her hand bag and she gets some panties to put on. She is pictured later having regained some modicum of respectability as she leaves.

But not before the wife – who reserves her vitriol for the girl rather than the husband – has called her a “whore” and “disgusting”.

The girl is shocked and questions why she is being treated like this before commenting “and I didn’t even get a single baht”.

The wife produced a long rambling description of the event and her feelings in an online post.

She said that it was not her intention to share the video with the world but with 73,000 shares that was exactly what happened. She claimed that she had sent it to a close friend who had wondered what was wrong and then it had gone viral after that.

She said that on 31st July she decided to end with her husband.

Apparently he had bought her the condo where they lived.

Online comment was massive – some people supported the wife while others said she should not have behaved so unkindly to the girl. That anger might have been directed at her husband, many thought.

While yet others felt that she should forgive him. He had after all bought her the condo and men will be men.

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