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Erratic weather across nation despite dropping river levels

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Erratic weather across nation despite dropping river levels | Samui Times
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Erratic weather is being reported across the nation, especially in the lower north and northeast of Thailand, where rainfall has occurred alongside lower temperatures and falling levels in major waterways.

Erratic weather across nation despite dropping river levels | News by Samui TimesThe Chao Phraya River, as measured in Chainat province, dropped 17 centimeters in the span of 24 hours and is now around 14.75 meters deep, below the needed standard of 15 meters. While authorities have issued assurances that the situation does not yet pose any problem, they have warned against building any structures on the river shore at this time as they may be under the threat of erosion.

Meanwhile in Sakon Nakhon province, strong winds and thundershowers have been reported with damage to 19 homes. Military personnel have been dispatched to undertake repairs.

The Meteorological Department has reported that the lower north, northeast and central regions, including Bangkok, will face heavy rain and winds during this period with temperatures to drop by another 2-4 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the harsh weather will kick up waves in the Gulf of Thailand, posing a risk to fishing boats.

As well, Mae Hong Son’s Natural Resources and Environment Office has indicated particulate levels in the air over the province have exceeded standard rates, urging citizens to desist from engaging in outdoor activities and to wear face masks when appropriate. Officials in the province have ordered a stop to the burning of materials throughout March.


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