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Escapade – probably the most fun you can have in one hour in Koh Samui

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Escapade – probably the most fun you can have in one hour in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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In the heart of Chaweng, above the ever popular Tropical Murphy’s Bar, lurks a new and thrilling experience. Escapade – an adventure like no other.

escapadeAlthough generally the idea of being locked in a room with up to four friends might not pop from the forefront of your mind when you are considering how to enjoy your day – when it involves pitting your wits against cunning clues that will allow you to escape the concept becomes more than a little appealing.

For those of you completely unfamiliar with real-life room escape games the basic concept is being locked in a room, or a series of rooms, with other participants then using elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape within a given amount of time. Or if you are lucky enough to find yourself at Escapeade – race a second team to escape from an identical room. This is perhaps not quite as easy as it sounds and will require quite a lot of lateral thinking to find and solve the clues and puzzles. Of course you will need to separate the real clues from the red herrings, is the number underneath that lamp key to your success or is it just a serial number?

There are two missions to undertake at Escapade Samui – each will place you within a story line in unusual surroundings. Before your mission begins you will be given a through briefing via a video presentation in the room.

escapade 1Framed – on Chaweng Beach – will introduce you to Nick Rigby and his friend Kevin who had too much to drink yesterday on the beach. Nick woke up and was unable to locate his passport, money and hotel key, he is also unable to find his friend Kevin. Nick is due to leave the island today and without his passport the balance of his round the world ticket will be cancelled. Your role is to help him find his belongings and find out what happened. What were they framed for last night? With only one hour to make his flight every moment is critical……………

The second game – Taken – from the Irish Bar is all about Alex Riordan, who is missing. His father has received a garbled message and a threat from the kidnappers who will call again in one hour with a ransom request. Alex runs a popular Irish Pub in Koh Samui. His marriage is, to say the least strained. Alex had been attending a mysterious doctor but he appears to be healthy. Also, a strange woman was seen coming from Alex’s house the previous evening. You have been asked by Alex’s distraught father to us this hour to find out what has happened to Alex, before the kidnapper calls again and the police become involved, so you must hurry, his life is on the line.

Escapade is a fantastic way to get a little time out of the hot sun or the pouring rain. The rooms have been cunningly decorated and created to throw you into a very believable world of fantasy packed full of excitement and intrigue. The plot and the clues will spin you off in all manner of unexpected directions and if you do get stuck then never fear, your game master is on hand to help you out, although this may cost you valuable time as one minute will be deducted each time you ask for help. The CCTV will ensure staff on the other side of your locked door are keeping an eye on your progress and the large flat screen TV inside will let you keep track of the time.

escapade 2There are no strenuous activities involved in the escape, it is only your brain that will get a work out so this really is a game that anybody can play. Although the clues sometimes include thinking outside the box you don’t need a degree to solve them and this is a great opportunity to work as a team to solve puzzles that need different types of skills to tackle.

Escapade is a truly fantastic activity, but don’t take our word for it, click here to read the opinions and reviews from others who have played its pretty impressive with 48 reviews put on Tripadvisor since the venue opened in July 47 of those are 5 star!

To find out more about Escapade click here to visit their website where you will find prices and a Q&A

And of course to get a better idea of this fantastic concept you can watch the videos below



And finally the Samui Times team’s take on the games – well we think this is about as much fun as you could possibly have in Koh Samui

Call to book on 099 8016760, click here or drop in. Open 11am and last game is at 8pm, open 7 days above Tropical Murphy’s




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