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Ex-murder convict shot dead 18 years after brutal killings

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Ex-murder convict shot dead 18 years after brutal killings | Samui Times
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Provincial police are investigating the gun attack against NetiratNoppawong, 40, aka SakPakro, in Sadao district.

Sadao police superintendent Colonel KittichaiSangkhathaworn said Netirat was shot twice in his backby unidentified gunman or gunmen.

The incident happened in front of the victim’s home. His wife took him to the district hospital. But he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Kittichai said pending the autopsy report, the bullets might have hit vital internal organs like kidney since the victim had massive loss of blood.

Police could not locate dispensed bullet cases at the scene and would await forensic checks before determining the gun used by identifying bullets lodged in the victim’s body.

Police would also check security cameras installed near the alley entrance leading to the victim’s home.

Based on time of shooting and the victim’s daily routine, it has been speculated that the gunman should know the victim or did the casing before the attack.

The victim was known to have stayed inside the house most of the time since his release from prison three years ago.

In 1997, the victim was convicted for robbery and brutal killing of the five-member family.

He broke into the home of PrapasBoonthawi, a health worker in Ranod district, stole one million baht and shot dead Prapas and his entire family.

The initial sentencing was death by execution before the judicial leniency to commute the punishment to life imprisonment. The actual jail time was 15 years due to good behavior.

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