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Exclusive interview with rock band Potato

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Exclusive interview with rock band Potato | Samui Times
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POTATO is a rock band under GMM Grammy. The band is very popular among teenagers in South East Asia. Currently the band consist of 4 people Pup (Mr.Patchai Pakdeesusuk)….Vocal, Ohm (Mr.Piyawat Anugool)….Bass player, Hung (Mr.Teekatas Taviarayakul)…..Guitar player and Kan (Mr.Kan Umsupan)…..Drummer.

potato band 2In 2001 the band released their first album, POTATO in 2001, in 2003 their second album GO ON was released. The Album FOCUS came next in 2004 and in 2005 LIFE was released. The POTATO Collection hit the shelves in 2006 quickly followed by SENSE in 2007, REFRESH in 2008, CIRCLE in 2009 and HUMAN in 2011.

As well as performing many successful concerts the band have won several awards –

  1. Seed Award (2005)
  2. Top Award (2005)
  3. Gmember Award (2009)
  4. Sudsapda Young & Smart (2009)
  5. Gmember Award (2011)
  6. Award 100 Most Spicy Idols (2013)
  7. Seed Award (2014)
  8. Gmember Award (2014)

potato_teaser(square)The band, who will be performing LIVE at the Skechers Sundown Festival 2015, took some time out of their busy rehearsing schedule to answer a few questions from the Samui Times.

Potato was formed by Peechanit Oan-Aari (Pee), Nantakrai Cham-Jaiharn (Note), Oranuch Tangdechavut (Nuch), and Suwatin Watthanawitukun (Bom). Potato’s original vocalist was Peechanit Oan-Aari (Pee), but he died on October 3, 2002 How did the death of Peechanit Oan Aari affect the band?

Potato’s response: Since the key man of the band passed away, the label once hesitated to invest the new album for our band. However, our bond together have allowed us to move on and we have since released more albums such as Sense in 2007, Circle in 2008 and Human in 2011.

What lead to the band reforming in 2003?

Potato’s response: Actually, before the death of Peechanit, the band’s position had been adjusted to Pup- a vocal, Pee-guitar player and replaced Nuch with Ohm who went studying abroad.

Why did Bom leave the band and how often does he now perform with Potato?

Potato’s response: Bom left the band because of different music style, preference and influence. But as friends, we still get together sometimes and even play together.

How did Note/Nuch/Bom get into music?

Potato’s response: Bom, Note, Nuch and even Pee were from the COKE TV commercial and Pup was invited later.

Where do the band members get their musical inspiration from?

Potato’s response: We are most inspired by our families.

Who do the band members most admire in the music industry?

Potato’s response: Slipknot!

Tell me about the Skechers Sundown festival

Red Spade Entertainment’s response: The Skechers Sundown Festival is an iconic annual event that celebrates Asian music and culture with the objective to showcase the vibrant Asian entertainment scene on a singular platform, uniting and bridging the diversity of Asian countries. Last year, we brought Big Ass from Thailand which got the crowd moving; this year we’re sure POTATO will be rocking the crowds in Singapore! We can’t wait to see them LIVE!

What are the bands plans for the future?

Potato’s response: We are working on a new album along with a concert tour which is expected to be ready around the mid of next year.

Pictures Credit : Red Spade Entertainment / Skechers Sundown Festival 2015.

potato band perform

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