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“Excuse me old chap – this is a hold up!”

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“Excuse me old chap – this is a hold up!” | Samui Times
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Seven Eleven staff in a branch north of Bangkok were surprised when an armed robber asked very politely for the contents of the till in the early hours of Saturday morning.

hold up“Nee kheu garn pon khrap!” he said that translates loosely as “Excuse me, this is a robbery”.

But when the startled staff opened the till to reveal not a single banknote the polite robbers fled into the night empty handed.

Sam Khok police were called after the attempted robbery at the 7-11 branch on the Pathum Thani – Sam Khok Road at 1.50am. Just two male staff were present – Prapa Homjem, 36, and Amarin Khumrak, 20.

Prapa told police: “It was drizzling with rain and there were only us two in the store, no customers. Two men on a Honda Click arrived and parked outside”.

The men were in jeans with one wearing a black shirt and the other a khaki style shirt. Both had full face helmets.

“One of the men pulled out a gun and said very politely that this was a robbery. I opened the till to show him there was no money – I had just put it in the safe”, added Prapa.

Both men ran out empty handed and escaped into the night before police and the store manager were alerted. CCTV footage will be examined in an effort to track down the men.

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