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Expat interviews – Meet Denis Mutsky from the Samui Fight Camp team

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Expat interviews – Meet Denis Mutsky from the Samui Fight Camp team | Samui Times
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The Samui Times love nothing more than finding out about ex-pats and what they are doing here, so we went down to the Samui Fight Camp to find out who was around.

DenisSamui Times – Hello we would like to find about the Samui Fight Camp, who are you?

Denis – My name is Denis Mutsky and I am one of the owners here at Samui Fight Camp.

Samui Times – Can you tell us why you like martial arts and a little about yourself?

Denis – I’ve been passionate about martial arts since I was a child. There has been long 15 years spent in corporate world working for big multinational companies, banks and telecom providers. My working experience geographically includes such countries but not limited to as Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Poland as well as more exotic ones as Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Malawi.

Samui Times – How did the Samui Fight Camp come about?

Denis – Almost 2 years ago I had decided to take a break in my career and finally come to Thailand to learn Muay Thai. Then I met Sean and learned about his past as martial artist and accomplishments he had achieved here in Thailand as well as in other countries. We decided to launch this business together and make Samui Fight Camp professional fighters gym in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Western Boxing and other martial arts.

Samui Times – Can you tell us a little bit about Sean’s achievements?

Denis – Sean has been training martial arts for over 28 years, he holds black belts in the following arts – Taekwondo, Okinawa Te, Knockdown Karate and others. Currently, Sean while travelling to US teaches at one of the most renowned MMA gyms in USA Black House MMA, which is house to Anderson Sylva, Lyodo Machida, Pedro Munoz and many others. And yeah, did I forget to mention that Sean was a co-founder of Tiger Muay Thai?

Samui Times – we have heard about Kru Klang – who is he?

Denis – Kru Klang is Samui Fight Camp’s lead Muay Thai Instructor. Kru Klang holds around 300 professional Muay Thai fights under his belt and is a former south and current International Muay Thai Champion. Kru Klang spent two years fighting in Bangkok in the top stadiums; he also has experience fighting internationally in particular not so long ago he had won WMC Muay Thai title in Germany. He is known for his devastating elbows and knee attacks.

Kru Klang is one of Samui Fight Camp’s top trainers with a great coaching style and understanding of the art of Muay Thai. On top of that Klang is rigorously preparing for his up and coming Mixed Martial Arts bouts internationally where he will represent Samui Fight Camp fight team in MMA and Muay Thai scene!

Samui Times – What sort of courses do you offer at Samui Fight Camp?

Denis – We are offering an array of courses that suits anyone looking for self defense, fight game or just fitness. Please contact us for further info at or call us at 0866977617.



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