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Expat joins Thais in praising His Majesty

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Expat joins Thais in praising His Majesty | Samui Times
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A long term foreign resident of the kingdom has been featured on national television talking about his warm feelings for the departed monarch. He was described as having a “Thai heart”.

ex-pat-talks-about-thai-kingMartin Wheeler, 54 has lived in Thailand for more than 25 years. He lives in the countryside in Ban Dong sub-district, Ubonrat district of Khon Kaen in the north east of Thailand, reports tnamcot.

Speaking in fluent and accurate Thai he spoke of a quote that always impressed him from His Majesty in which he talked about not exploiting others for your own gain.

Mr Wheeler said that he himself has a happy and fulfilling life in the kingdom. “Life is good and I have enough,” he said as he echoed His Majesty’s philosophies related to the “sufficiency economy”.

He spoke about his love and respect for the king who he said had worked tirelessly for the good of the people and the improvement in their living conditions.

Mr Wheeler’s nationality was not mentioned in the report.

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