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Expats warned about people posing as Tourist Police in Hua Hin and neighbouring provinces

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Expats warned about people posing as Tourist Police in Hua Hin and neighbouring provinces | Samui Times
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Security staff at a housing development in Hua Hin are warning residents to be on the look out for individuals posing as Tourist Police officers.

Throughout the months of May and June, there have been several instances of people who claim to be officers from the Tourist Police visiting the homes of foreign nationals in Hua Hin and the surrounding area demanding to see a variety of personal documents such as passports and tabian baans.

However, at this stage there is absolutely nothing to suggest that these individuals are officers from the Tourist Police or are carrying out legitimate police business.

This week, some residents in Hua Hin were sent the following notice:

Dear Homeowners,
We have heard of instances where “Police” are visiting homes and asking for information such as Passports, Tabian Baan, who lives in the house and more importantly WHEN people are there.
Please do not talk to these people and tell them that you will happily meet them at the police station with their superior officer with the information they are asking for, if they can give you a day and time.
They usually will then leave.
We are again informing all the guards including external company guards to prevent these people from entering the developments.

Last month, a report was made in Thaivisa’s Hua Hin forum about people in an unmarked car posing as Tourist Police in a soi popular with expats. They then went onto to request that all foreigners write down their full contact details including name, address, passport number, as well as providing information on their occupation and whether or not they owned a motor vehicle.

The ‘police’ also took photographs of the foreigners and requested they drew maps detailing the location of the property in which they were living.

When asked why the individuals wanted such information, the answers were unclear, other than mentioning some kind of registration for foreign nationals.

Thaivisa is currently working to get clarification on this situation from the Tourist Police office in Hua Hin.

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