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Failure to comply with 24-hour foreign guest registration requirement carries B8,000 fine

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Failure to comply with 24-hour foreign guest registration requirement carries B8,000 fine | Samui Times
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Hotel and other accommodation owners in Phuket who fail to comply with the requirement to register foreign guests with the Phuket Immigration Office within 24 hours of arrival could be fined up to B8,000 per unregistered guest, but will be warned first.

Reporting by Yonlaphat Boonsusakul

Speaking to The Phuket News by phone this morning in response to inquiries about the online registration portal being inaccessible for some concerned hotel owners, an officer at the Phuket Immigration Office reassured that the portal is still working, but via the Phuket Immigration website.

“We’ve received many calls from local hotel owners who could not access the website directly, so we advise people to follow the link from Phuket Immigration website instead, which seems to be working fine so as far as we can tell.

“For hotel owners who don’t register guests in 24 hours, we will not just fine businesses without speaking to them and warning them first. If they can’t access the website, they can call us or come and see us in person too.

“But if they still don’t comply [after the initial warning], the maximum fine would be no more than B8,000 for each [unregistered] guest,” the immigration officer, who did not wish to be named, said.

The Phuket News confirmed that the usual online registration portal direct link was not working when we checked this morning, but that the link from Phuket Immigration did lead to the correct portal, by following these steps.

If using Internet Explorer:

Go to Phuket immigration (Click here)

If prompted by a Welcome page, click through to access the home page

On the left hand side of the home page, find the small yellow banner that reads, in Thai letters การแจ้งที่พักอาศัย It should be the second one from the top left. (See photo) Click it

You will be prompted with a warning page that says “Click the link to continue to this website (not recommended)”

Click through to access the foreign guest registration portal.

For people who use Google Chrome, repeat the steps above, but once you click the Thai banner, you’ll be prompted with a different warning page. Click the link that says “Proceed to (unsafe)”

Otherwise, contact Phuket Immigration Office directly on 076-221905.

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