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Faithful dog waiting by the roadside for his master is dead – now the blaming starts

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Faithful dog waiting by the roadside for his master is dead – now the blaming starts | Samui Times
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A faithful dog that became a social media and news celebrity waiting by the roadside for his master to return is dead.

dead-dog“Ay Long” (the lost one) was mown down by a passing car yesterday. The body was pictured on Facebook while concerned members of the public came and picked him up to bury him in the Tha Mai, Chanthaburi area, reported Thairath.

But the end of “Ay Long” is not just a story of another dog killed by the roadside. Recriminations and allegations of abuse have been aimed at animal welfare after bungled attempts to help him.

And do-gooders who came to give him food and offer him a home have also been criticized for leading to the animal’s untimely death.

“Ay Long” became a celebrity of social media and the news when he was pictured staring forlornly down the Chanthaburi – Trat section of Sukhumvit Road for the master that never came back.

The dog had been there a year but when the story broke online there was a constant stream of people coming to give food. Several people claiming to be the owner tried to take Ay Long home but he resisted.

He started getting scared of all the attention and was running about the road putting himself in danger trying to flee the many people wanting pictures.

It created further drama on social media.

So concerned locals called in animal welfare to relocate him and asked for the media to stop reporting the case.

Animal welfare came and shot the dog with a tranquilizer but succeeded only in scaring the animal who fled in anguish into the woods.

He since emerged Sunday and was subsequently killed by an unknown vehicle.

Villagers have criticized animal welfare for their actions. They wanted the reporting of the case to stop so that they could sort it out properly by themselves.

Now it is too late. The body was picture on the Facebook page of Sornnarn Pato yesterday.

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