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Fake fortune teller arrested on rape charges

Samui Times Editor



Fake fortune teller arrested on rape charges | Samui Times
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On Friday a man who claimed to be a fortune teller was arrested on charges of luring young female customers into hotel rooms to raping them and stealing their money.

Phakin Thanawatwasawong, 23, was apprehended in a sting operation at a shopping mall in Bangkok’s Pin Klao district.

A 20-year-old woman reported him to the police and told them that she began communicating with Thanawatwasawong through the social media. She said the suspect used different social media sites to tell people that he was a fortune teller and she decided to use his services. He instructed he to transfer two thousand baht to his account and then to meet him in the shopping mall.

When she met up with Mr Phakin at the mall he told her would perform a “sadoh kroh”a ceremony to dispel her misfortunes, but it must be carried out in a private room. He then took her to a love motel on Charansanitwong Road, where she said he later forced her to have sex against her will, stole 2,500 baht from her and fled.

According to the police Mr Phakin admitted he had posed as a fortune teller for more than a year, being paid 500 to 2,000 baht each time for each service. When the police checked his bank accounts and found more than 10 transactions since early September.

Mr Phakin allegedly admitted he had lured women into meeting with him and had forced himself on at least five women.

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