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Family hope body found in Cambodia is backpacker missing for 10 years

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Family hope body found in Cambodia is backpacker missing for 10 years | Samui Times
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The family of a backpacker missing in the Far East for 10 years have been told that human remains have been found in Cambodia.

Eddie Gibson disappeared aged 19 in October 2004 when he last made contact with his mother saying he was looking forward to coming home. This week it emerged that human remains were found near a lake in Poipet near the Cambodian border with Thailand. Mike Gibson the father of Eddie, from Hove, East Sussex, said the site has been secured as a crime scene as more bones, including a skull, have been discovered.

EddieA pair of underpants, possibly Calvin Klein’s which Eddie wore, were found in the area and it is suspected the body found had a broken arm, which Eddie had. Eddie’s dental records are now being sent to the Far East to help in the identification process as his family said they hope to bring closure to years of heartache. Mr Gibson said the family were “waiting with bated breath” to learn whether the body is definitely Eddie so they can finally bring him home.

He said: “On Monday we were phoned by a private investigator who has a presence in Cambodia and who investigates children who have gone missing. “He was notified by border police at Poipet that there had been some human remains found near a lake on the border between Cambodia and Thailand, on the Cambodia side.

“Over the last couple of days they have secured it as a crime scene, and they have been able to get more bones, including a skull, and they are assembling the skeleton.” The family believe Eddie may have been murdered on his way back from Phnom Penh in the area where the human remains were found.

If further examination leads investigators to believe the remains are Eddie, then the bones will be sent to the British Embassy in Phnom Penh for DNA and dental record checks. Mr Gibson said: “We are waiting with bated breath. For his mother and I, we have had nine and a half years of not knowing.

“We do hope it is Eddie so we can bring him home and bring an end to all this not knowing what has happened to him. “It’s a strange feeling, and if it’s not him then it has just relived the whole thing and added to the torture.”

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