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Family of Missing Diver are Still Searching for Answers

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Family of Missing Diver are Still Searching for Answers | Samui Times
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Joshua Devine, an American diver and former member of the Connecticut National Guard, went missing during a diving excursion in Thailand April 12. After officials called off the search, the family is still searching for answers.

missing diver in PhuketDevine’s disappearance couldn’t have happened at a worse time. The day after he went missing, the country began its new year celebrations, which ran from April 13 to 15. Devine’s sister and mother both flew to the country to help take part in the search and assess the investigation.

The man’s sister, Jennifer Bakawski, stated that Devine’s wife was having a difficult time finding someone to look for him. The family lost a day and half of searching because police went back to the mainland for the holiday. Trouble with fuel shortages also made the search difficult.

Before the family left the country, the police told them that they would continue the search for at least another month. Not six hours later, the search was called off.

The family is now speaking with an FBI agent and hoping to talk to anyone who was on the boat with Devine. One diver has been communicating with the family through email, but they’re hoping more divers step forward to contact them.

At least four people were with the man before he disappeared, and the family did not get a chance to talk to them while they were in Thailand.

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