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Family pays tribute to “cheeky, kind and caring” Alex, who drowned in Thailand

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Family pays tribute to “cheeky, kind and caring” Alex, who drowned in Thailand | Samui Times
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Alex Wyithe, 29, died after he went for an early evening swim off the island of Koh Phangan on March 16. He is reported to have been caught in a riptide and drowned. His body was discovered on the beach at 9.30am the following morning. Alex’s heartbroken family said he would be fondly remembered by hundreds of friends – and they warned other travellers to be aware of the dangers of riptides.

Alex WyitheAlex’s 24-year-old sister Samantha said: “He was affectionate and always up for a laugh. Everyone loved him. Even if they spent just 10 minutes with him. “He had so many different groups of friends he would have to try and spread his time to see them all. “We’ve had comments from people who say they only met him briefly but still remember his cheeky grin.”

Alex grew up in the Roffey area and split his time between Crawley and Horsham in recent years. His family said he dabbled in many professions including property and had previously trained to be a masseuse and nurse. He travelled to Thailand with a friend at the beginning of March.

Alex spent a lot of time with his grandmother Rosemarie Powell, who said: “I keep expecting him to walk through the door. We look back at his life with fond memories.” Of her grandson’s sense of humour, Rosemarie described the time the pair went on holiday to Cyprus together after one of her granddaughters accidentally booked two honeymoon vacations.

The duo posed as honeymooners – much to the disbelief of fellow holidaymakers. Rosemarie said: “Alex loved fun, he never liked to be bored. He would go dancing with me in the evening and then go into town to the bars.” Samantha warned other travellers about the dangers of riptides and the importance of being fully prepared when embarking on such holidays.

She added: “People should read up on where they’re going. And people need to make sure they’re with other people who they know and make sure they’ve shared each other’s insurance details. “If Alex didn’t share his details with his friend I don’t know what the situation would be right now.”

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