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Family raise money to bring son home from Phuket after he was involved in a fatal bike accident

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Family raise money to bring son home from Phuket after he was involved in a fatal bike accident | Samui Times
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Jason Hoffman from Calgary arrived in Phuket last Thursday to enjoy a vacation. Only four hours after he arrived on the island he was involved in a motorbike accident. Few details are known about the incident a Jason has no recollection of what actually happened but it is thought his bike collided with another bike carrying three locals.

jason hoffmanJason broke several bones and needed surgery, he later found out that one of the people on the other bike died in the collision. After having a steel rod put into his leg, Hoffman spent a few days convalescing at the hospital before the Thai police arrived to transport him to prison.

Concerned family members contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs and asked them to get involved in the case. Jason was released from the jail after a friend posted bail. He is now recovering from his injuries in a hostel. He has been told that he must pay a $80,000 fee or face jail time.

His family are now working with representatives of the Canadian embassy and have been advised by a Thai lawyer to pay the fee rater than fight the charge, but coming up with the cash is proving to be challenging. In order to try to raise the funds some of Jason’s belongings have been sold such as his truck and motorbike and the family have started a page on in order for friends and family members to donate.

The family say “On April 16th, only 4 hours after arriving for a vacation in Thailand, Jason was in a terrible scooter accident which sadly has left one dead and another in critical condition. Jason himself has multiple broken bones and facial injuries. While the full details of this accident are still left somewhat unclear, the Thai police are holding Jason at fault and demanding he pay $80,000.00 in order to pay the victims families and police to leave Thailand. Without this Jason could face imprisonment and stay in Thailand. This is a terrible tragedy and while we do not feel it is right to put a price on such a awful thing or a life, we are banding together as a family to help raise the money.

Jason is our brother, son and boyfriend. He is missed by many and we just want him home as soon as we can so he can start his recovery safely in Canada.

Please respect the sensitivity of this matter for our families sake. Donate what you can. No amount is too little. And help us bring Jason home!!”


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