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FamilyMart launches campaign to help children develop skills

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FamilyMart launches campaign to help children develop skills | Samui Times
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FamilyMart has launched a charity campaign to celebrate the J Festival in Thailand to support skill and leadership development for rural children and youths.

FamilyMart launches campaign to help children develop skills | News by Samui TimesUnder the campaign entitled “Im Thong Im Jai with FamilyMart”, customers can donate Bt1 to charity for each purchase from the J menu from a FamilyMart store.

Junichi Yamashita, chairman of Central FamilyMart, said: “FamilyMart is committed to operate our business together with social activities continuously. For this year J Festival, we would like to invite our clients to fulfil an opportunity and dream of rural kids, through the support of the charity campaign, to develop their leadership skills. The campaign, which is enhanced in cooperation with Raks Thai Foundation, is to deliver bakery-making equipment to Lumpleechanupatum School in Ayutthaya province for occupational training.

“With the experience of FamilyMart, together with suppliers who specialise in foods, we believe in our ability to transfer knowledge to students who will be able to use standard equipment for bakery-making practically in their real life.

“The campaign will improve the quality of life and occupational skills of Thai youths, and they will be able to make a secure business for themselves in the future. It will also help sustain the society and community in the long term,” said Yamashita.

Ruedee Euachongprasit, vice president for marketing, said that FamilyMart intends to let individual customers get involved in doing good. They can give an opportunity to children by donating Bt1 from any purchase from the J menu at FamilyMart.

“This year, we also provide more than 300 different items of J menu [items] for our diversified customers. They include Fresh Cooked Recipe, Hokkien Noodle, Kang Som Soup, Klua Kling Rice, Cabbage Soup, Authentic Hong Kong Foods, Mushroom Buns, as well as other ready-to-eat meals, such as Fried Tofu, Hong Kong Noodle, Nam Prik Num (Northern Thai Green Chilli Dip), Onigiri, and Larb J (Spicy Vegetarian). Caffee Arigato will be available on shelf with the offering of J products that are made from soybean, including Iced Matcha Latte, Iced Latte, and Iced Espresso, etc.”

Ruedee added: “We expect that both Thai and Chinese people travelling to Thailand during the ‘Golden Week’ period will be interested in buying J foods quite actively. We also expect our sales to increase by 30 per cent during the J Festival period.”

Under the campaign, customers will enjoy two benefits of merit making. They will not only avoid eating meat for the whole of October by purchasing J menu items at FamilyMart, but also participate in the charity campaign with a donation of money to support skill and leadership development for kids and youths.

In addition, for any Bt40 purchase, customer will be eligible for the redemption of selected products at a special price. The “Im Thong Im Jai with FamilyMart” campaign will be hosted around the clock from Thursday until October 24, this year, at all branches of FamilyMart throughout the Kingdom.

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