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“Famous department store” say nothing about “death escalator”

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“Famous department store” say nothing about “death escalator” | Samui Times
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Daily News said that a “famous department store” had yet to comment on an escalator that many online were saying nearly caused death and injury. 


“Wutthichai Plortphai” went online with pictures of the damaged escalator that he said were taken by him at a well known department store in downtown Nakorn Sri Thammarat in Thailand’s south. 

He was told to delete the pictures which he did. Then he went online again to say he was warning his relatives and friends about the danger…”What was wrong with that?”

He said that shoppers fled for their lives as the escalator disintegrated before their very eyes. 

Daily News said that many online were suggesting that the department store in question should do more for the safety of shoppers. Some claimed that the escalator had had problems before. 

No one from the store was admitting anything, the media said. 

Thaivisa notes that Thailand has strict defamation laws making it problematical for individuals and the media to call out large corporations on issues such as this. 

A large number of negative stories in the Thai media refer to organisations such as stores, schools and hotels as “a famous this and that”. 

Thai Visa / Daily News

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