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Famous tsunami “miracle” elephant now living in Kanchanaburi

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Famous tsunami “miracle” elephant now living in Kanchanaburi | Samui Times
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The baby elephant which helped save the life of an eight-year old British schoolgirl, Amber Owen, from a devastating tsunami which struck the western coast of southern Thailand 12 years ago has been located in Kanchanaburi.

famous elephantNing Nong, the name given to the baby elephant when it was at a hotel in Phuket, is now an adult elephant and has a new name, Bai Tong. She is now a darling of both Thai and foreign tourists at an elephant’s camp in Saiyok district of Kanchanaburi because she is friendly and tame.

Its new owner, Mr Somnoek Sudchana, said that the original owner in Phuket could not afford to feed Ning Nong as it grew up and decided to send her to his camp.

Ning Nong has been wellknown in the social media for saving Amber Owen from the deadly tsunami when it struck Phuket on Christmas Day in 2004.

Amber Owen who was on vacationing in Phuket with her family was riding on the back of Ning Nong when the giant waves struck the Phuket coast. The elephant reportedly ran toward the high ground and duck behind a high wall until the tsunami subsided.

The incredible bond between Ning Nong and the British schoolgirl inspired Michael Morpurgo’s sequel to War Horse.

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