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Farang gets out his “anaconda” and urinates from moving baht bus

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Farang gets out his “anaconda” and urinates from moving baht bus | Samui Times
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A “dark skinned” farang thought it would be jolly good fun to urinate on the road from a moving song thaew (known in Pattaya as a baht bus). 

So he undid his zipper and got out what Sanook called his “anaconda” and started relieving himself all along Sukhumvit Road.

The man – said to have dark skin by Sanook – was having the time of his life as his mates egged him on laughing and joking.

Farang gets out his

This highly inappropriate behavior was witnessed by a candidate for Region 7 in the upcoming election who was out canvassing. Pramet Ngamphichet got one of his staff to tell the driver what he had seen when the song thaew stopped at the red light at the Huay Yai intersection. 

Driver Thaweesak said he would take them to Pattaya police station to file a report. 

Thaweesak later told Sanook that he had picked up six on seven tourists and was in the process of taking them along Sukhumvit Road to Central Beach, Pattaya.

He had been unaware of what had transpired but having been informed by the candidate’s rep he resolved to go to Pattaya police station. 

However, as he turned into the police station the group of tourists got wise to the impending trouble and fled in several directions. 


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