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“Farang in a Ferrari” – faces charges for assaulting Thai woman after car collision

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“Farang in a Ferrari” – faces charges for assaulting Thai woman after car collision | Samui Times
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Social media in Khon Kaen in Thailand’s north east was abuzz with stories after a video clip emerged of an altercation between a 47 year old western man who had driven his Ferrari into the back of a Thai woman’s car.


A witness said that the farang was boasting about being the richest man in the province and having parents who are connected to the high levels of the Thai police. The witness alleged the foreigner was ranting and drunk.

Initially the police took him away after the collision, reported Sanook. Pol Col Prawit Thoha of the Ban Pet police said he had just been fined for negligent driving and released. 

Then the video emerged. In it the foreigner is swearing in largely incoherent Thai. He claims he is a “big guy” and blames the woman. An “f” word is used.

Then a punch is thrown and a scuffle breaks out. 

Police have now called the foreigner in to face an additional five misdemeanor charges including assault not occasioning bodily damage, causing annoyance and defamation. 

It is stressed that they are misdemeanors and do not carry heavy penalties, said Sanook. 

They further reported that the man in the case had faced charges in the past for gun related matters and assault but they were dropped after the parties agreed to settle. 

In this case the relatives of the man are believed to have paid money to the woman driver to settle the matter.

A witness at a nearby shop told Sanook they had come to the woman’s aid after the foreigner started causing trouble and claiming that he was the richest man in the province and his parents were well connected to senior policemen. 

They claimed he was drunk and swearing and behaving belligerently. 


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