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Farang Marriage Training Clinic Opens In Khon Kaen

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Farang Marriage Training Clinic Opens In Khon Kaen | Samui Times
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The first training center to advise and help Thai wives with farang husbands opened Wednesday in Isaan.

The Thai Daughter-in-Law, Farang Son-in-Law Clinic began operating Wednesday afternoon at the Rattanapa Center for Women’s and Family Development in Khon Kaen city, a pilot learning center set up by government social development ministries.

“There are more Thai women with foreign husbands in Isaan region than in other regions. Misunderstandings about language and culture result in divorce,” said Gen. Anantaporn Kanchanarat, minister of Social Development and Human Security, who spoke at the opening. “This clinic is the beginning of a change in attitude about family.”

Many Thai wives attended with their farang husbands.The training center will be run by the human security ministry and advised by experts from the ministries of foreign affairs, health and justice, as well as Khon Kaen University.

Anantaporn said they aimed to help Thai women’s marriages to foreigners that sometimes result in scams, physical abuse and other marital problems. He said various women overseas have reported being abused or at risk: 7,457 in Asia, 495 in Europe, 210 in North America, 172 in Oceania, 58 in Africa and 12 in South America.

Officials at the seminar gave examples of the mistreatment, saying abusive husbands tell the women not to leave the house and that the surrounding community only becomes aware of marital problems when children tell their school teachers.

Leartpanya Buranabandit, director general of Women’s Affairs, said there are more Thai women married to foreigners in Isaan because they’re encouraged by relatives.

“Families that encourage their daughters to marry foreigners hope their family’s status will improve,” Leartpanya said. “But many women are scammed; they don’t get the comfortable life they hoped for. Some are abused, prostituted or trafficked.”

Thais experiencing abuse or marital problems with their farang partners can contact the training center through the 1300 hotline or by calling +66 991 301 300 from overseas.

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