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Farangs in Thailand: “They break the rules but the authorities protect them”

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Farangs in Thailand: “They break the rules but the authorities protect them” | Samui Times
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The daughter of the Thai woman trying to evict a British man for not paying the rent at a Phuket condo has has hit back ranting about foreigners online. 

She is furious that special consideration if shown to “farangs” who break the rules. 

She has claimed that after a British Embassy visit the man was encouraged to stay on “for the sake of international relations”. 

Farangs in Thailand:

She has called it a joke saying the Brit was shown Thai kindness but enough is enough. 

The latest events in the drama follow a more than two week standoff after Australian born Brit David Maclean, 50, barricaded himself into his 9th floor room at Supalai Park. 

Earlier Utumporn Tantivit said that Mr Maclean owes her 8,000 baht. He signed a six month contract then refused to pay any more. 

Fears grew at the weekend that the Brit may jump and an air cushion was set up by firemen.

Now Utumporn’s daughter Sutasinee Anantanawat has gone on Facebook saying she is feeling angry on behalf of her mum. 

She claimed her mother had not been paid rent and wanted him out for breaking his contract. But she said he refused and wanted a lawyer. She said he sent an email to the British embassy in Bangkok saying that he was being kept prisoner by her mother and alleging that she had threatened him.

She said that concerned embassy officials sent a representative.

But instead of taking the landlady’s side they gave him food and water and suggested that in the interest of international relations he should stay on. 

“I couldn’t believe it. What does he want?,” ranted the daughter. “Foreigners break the rules in Thailand and nothing is done. They are even protected.

“We are Thais and this is our country but we can’t take any action. If it was someone from Burma they wouldn’t be given this protection. 

“He hasn’t paid the rent and we want him out”.

She said that Thais are kind. Mr Maclean had been shown this kindness when he was helpfully taken by the family to apply for an internet contract when he signed the rental agreement. 

She asked those who visited her page to share her comments across social media. 

While the Brit is refusing to show his face, the authorities are reluctant to break down the door. 

However, it has been reported that when Mr Maclean’s visa is up on February 21st they will have the power to do just that. 

On another Facebook page a woman called Gade Anantanawat (the same surname as the landlady) said that attempts by her mother to get a news organisation to retract what she claimed was fake news had been met with the response: “Sue Us!”. 

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Farangs in Thailand:
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