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Farmer takes cobra that bit him to hospital in Ubon

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Farmer takes cobra that bit him to hospital in Ubon | Samui Times
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A Facebook post has gone viral after a farmer in Ubon Ratchanthani took the cobra that bit him to the hospital with him for treatment. The snake in the hospitalphoto has caused an international debate as to whether or not the man did the right thing taking the 4 meter cobra to the hospital with him, despite the fact the man is now in a coma. Victim Suthee, 37, was bitten by the 8 kilo snake while he was resting in a shack in a field. A man who on Facebook has claimed to be Dr Maew, said that it is always a good idea to be able to identify the snake to ensure the right serum is injected into bitten victims, however it is a hitting the snake, assuming it is dead and then taking it to the hospital may not be the correct cause of action. The snake could bite the person again en-route to the hospital causing them to lose consciousness and or die. Thankfully Suthee did reach the hospital before he passed out and has since been transferred to a bigger hospital for treatment.

An friend of the victims said that the snake had slithered into the shack before biting the man’s right leg, the man woke up, killed the snake and as the venom had yet to take effect he drove to the village to tell his parents what had happened and then went with the snake to the hospital. Doctors have injected serum into the victim but so far it is impossible to tell if he will survive.

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