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Fatal accident in Bang Por at road repair spot

Samui Times Editor



Fatal accident in Bang Por at road repair spot | Samui Times
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On Sunday 23rd March two motorcyclists travelling from Nathon towards Maenam on the Maenam side of the hill collided with a cement truck at around 3.30pm

An eye witness told the Samui times that a Caucasian man in his mid to late twenties was travelling at quite a speed with an Asian woman riding pillion. As the flow of east bound traffic filtered onto the west bound lane to avoid road works the man looked back to say something to his passenger. Other drivers could see he was on a collision course with stationary concrete lorry and beeped their horns furiously in order to alert the driver who took no notice and ploughed head on into the truck killing himself and his passenger instantly.

Passing drivers were asked to remain at the scene while the police were called. Within twenty minutes many police were on the scene, one dragged the deceased man to the side of the road by his arm to clear the way for the traffic.

Many locals have been complaining about the road works along the stretch from Maenam to Nathon, not simply because of the inevitable traffic jams but because of several nasty bike accidents caused by the works not being adequately lit at nighttime.

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