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Fatally stabbed Bobby Carter no stranger to Asia

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Fatally stabbed Bobby Carter no stranger to Asia | Samui Times
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Bobby Carter the man who was fatally stabbed in the Longhorn Bar in Krabi came from Dallas Texas and was no stranger to Asia

It turns out that he was no stranger to making the newspapers either. Carter was featured in two Dallas Morning News business section articles in 2005 and 2006 for his trips to China while working for UPS as the company’s international sales and marketing manager for the Southwest region.

Carter even said at the time that he hoped to live and work in China for a few years. He eventually left UPS to run LED Cool Lights, which is based in the Design District, with his wife, Kelly.

Carter and his wife often vacationed in Thailand, his sister-in-law said. He was killed with musicians at a karaoke bar, but the family and police have offered differing accounts of how the incident escalated.

His former UPS co-worker Mike Mitchell said Carter played in several cover bands in the Dallas area.

“That was his passion – guitar-playing,” he said.

Mitchell, who drove with Carter in the 1980s, said he also saw in today’s obituary pages that former UPS district manager Doye Lux, whose name used to appear on Dallas UPS employees’ paychecks had died. Mtichell said the news of the deaths “didn’t make my day.”

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