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Father in copycat “Facebook live” murder/suicide apologizes to society

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Father in copycat “Facebook live” murder/suicide apologizes to society | Samui Times
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A Thai father who came home from work in Bangkok after finding out his wife had left him went on Facebook to say he was going to hang his daughter and kill himself.

Father in copycatHe had got the idea from a case that hit the news in Phuket last week when a man carried out his threat on Facebook “live”, reported Sanook.

But in the latest case the husband and father was just trying to get back at his wife who had run off with another man.

The Petchabun man told police he had no intention of carrying out his threat and really loves his daughter and his wife.

Wang Pong district chief Chakrin Inim told reporters that the man’s name was Wichai. Due to poverty in the family he had gone to work in Bangkok and sent money home. But when he heard that his wife had run off with another man he went home and found his daughter Kingkarn alone.

So in a stressful state he made a video that appeared to show the wife leaving home and him preparing to hang his daughter and kill himself. He then posted it on Facebook.

Police in Wang Pong called Wanchai in yesterday to talk to him. No charges were made.

Wanchai apologized to society and said he did it because he loves his daughter and his wife and wanted her to come back.

The daughter was now reportedly in the care of Wanchai’s elder sister Somthawin, 41. Wanchai promised to care for his daughter in the future.


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