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Father fears his missing son has been murdered in Thailand

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Father fears his missing son has been murdered in Thailand | Samui Times
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The father of a Scottish man believe his son has been murdered in Thailand. Ex soldier Steve Balfour went off the radar over a month ago on one of his regular trips to the Kingdom to visit his six year old daughter who lives with her mother Nan in Pattaya. Steve and Nan went through a bitter

Father fears his missing son has been murdered in Thailand | News by Samui Times

divorce last year, he has not been seen since May 14th, his passport and belongings were found in his hotel room. A friend said that Steve told her if anything happens to him it would be Nan who had done it, his father said there are only two things that could have happened, he has either committed suicide or he has been murdered, he went on to say that his had no suicidal thoughts and would never have left his daughter, leading him to only one conclusion. According to reports the authorities are yet to check his bank to see if his account has been used.

Nan, who married Steve in a traditional Thai ceremony 8 years ago kept the family home, car and possessions after the divorce and has been getting regular payments from Steve for her and her daughter. Steve who served in the Royal Scots was working as a body guard, he was due to return to work last Monday.

The manager of the resort where Steve’s belongings were found said Steve had been knocked unconscious by a large American before he went missing, he went on to say that the local police are reluctant to get involved unless the British Embassy put pressure on them to investigate the case, although he believes they are doing all they can despite their restrictions on who they can speak to and being able to gain access to bank accounts.

A friend of Steve’s who has been looking for him for two weeks said he believes something is very wrong, he says the local embassy is not in the least bit interested and that he has been out searching with his photograph asking anybody if they have seen him. “something very bad has happened to him” he said.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said they are supporting the family of a man who has been missing since June 1st.



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