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Father makes impassioned plea – please find my daughter

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Father makes impassioned plea – please find my daughter | Samui Times
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A father has made a heartfelt plea to help find his 16 year old daughter who went missing in Nakorn Sawan on June 1st.

missing girlDespite her young age Nong Nam is suffering from Alzheimer’s-like dementia. She walked out of a hospital where her mum was having dialysis and has not been seen since reported tnamcot.

Both parents have been tramping the streets of the city distributing leaflets with a picture and phone number of their daughter whose full name is Amphaporn Mangkhlamee. Her dad said that if she does not take medicine every twelve hours for her condition she can remember nothing.

Facebook users in the city are now joining in the hunt by sharing the story. Police are baffled as to her whereabouts.

Nong Nam was with her mum at the Ruam Phet Hospital in downtown Nakorn Sawan last Wednesday. While her mum Nee Bunta, 38, was having kidney treatment she walked out of the hospital. She was caught at 10.18 am leaving the front door but lack of other CCTV footage in the area means no one knows where she went after that. She was wearing green colored clothing.

Father Somsak Mankhlamee,40, was at work and didn’t get to hear about his daughter’s disappearance until the evening. He said: “Since she disappeared I can’t eat or sleep. I am so worried about her. She needs medication twice a day and if she doesn’t get it she can remember nothing. We have tried everything to find her but there is no trace,

“If anyone sees her please bring her home. We love her so much,” he told reporters with tears streaming down his face before imploring them with a wai.

Local police contacted by reporters said they were following up on the case. Ekasit Phuksorn of the Nakorn Sawan force said that CCTV coverage in the area of the hospital was poor and so it was difficult to say where she might have gone. Traders and residents in the area have not seen her. An investigation team has been assigned to try and find her but so far without success.

Should anyone see Nong Nam they should call 083 166 1933.

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