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Father of boy knocked off motorbike: “Police only doing their job”

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Father of boy knocked off motorbike: “Police only doing their job” | Samui Times
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The father of a 19 year old boy who was knocked off his motorbike at a police checkpoint in Bukkhalo, Bangkok, said that the police were only doing their job. They didn’t hit him – his face collided with the policeman’s hand, he said.

boy knocked off bikeEveryone has said sorry after a video of the incident went viral on social media causing a lot of online criticism of the police for going over the top, reported Daily News. Now the cops want the poster of the clip to see if there is a case to answer.

Top brass in the shape of acting police chief Sanit Mahatavorn turned out at a press conference yesterday with the father, 49 year old former news man Athipan Kunphiphat. His son Nithipong was knocked off his bike after failing to stop for police.

Athiphan said he had spoken to his son who told him he was late for a work experience assignment and didn’t realize it was a checkpoint. After a first officer tried to stop him another three tried.

He said that the police did not hit his son – his face collided with the policeman’s hand as he tried to stop him in the course of his duty. He added that he had spoken to the officers concerned and everyone had apologized to each other and he didn’t want to press any charges in the matter.

“I would like to remind the public if they see a checkpoint to please slow down and cooperate,” he added helpfully.

Police said that the checkpoint, that was set up on June 30th when the clip was filmed, was there to check up on students who were feared to be fighting in the area.

The father said that he was not responsible for posting the clip. Police have suggested that if the poster of the clip that started doing the rounds on July 1st is found they may face charges.

Acting chief Sanit said that police always try to be polite and do their job properly and according to the law of the land. But the unexpected sometimes happens and if there is a problem that occurs then police are sorry about that.

He too reminded everyone to respect checkpoints in which good cops were just trying to do their valuable job.

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