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Fellowship Dinner on Friday 26th February Muang Samui Villas menu

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Fellowship Dinner on Friday 26th February Muang Samui Villas menu | Samui Times
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Please take a look at the delicious buffet menu offered by the chef at Muang Samui Villas for our Fellowship Dinner on Friday 26th February.

For those who have not yet reserved their place, please be sure to contact


Salad Bar

Assorted lettuces

Cantaloupe salad with shrimps and mint

Fiesta Corn salad with almonds

Tomato olive oil, basil and olives

Cucumber with pesto and yogurt dressing

Greek salad

Tuna salad Nicoise

Cherry tomato Bocconcini salad

Cabbage and Bell pepper salad with sesame seeds


French dressing, Thousand island, Italian, Caesar,

Vinaigrette dressing, yoghurt orange dressing

Asian Snacks

Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce

Vegetable samosas with mint chutney

Charcoal grilled

Seafood and Meat

Squid, Mussel ,Tiger Prawns

Pork neck ,Pork ribs Chicken drumsticks, Beef Tenderloin


BBQ sauce, Apple sauce Pesto sauce, Greek garlic sauce, Tartar

Spicy Thai dip, Seafood sauce, lime wedges, Pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce

Hot dishes

Green Chicken curry

Sautéed beef with oyster sauce & mushroom

Mixed vegetable in Oyster sauce

Fried noodle

Pork Cordon bleu

Mashed Potatoes with pesto

Corn on the cob

Baked potatoes

Spicy grill Pork Salad


Italian Style Tomato Soup


Assorted tropical fruits

Fresh Fruit salad

Tiramisu Cake with raspberry sauce

Tropical fruit tartlets

Assorted tropical cake



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