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Filipino theft gang busted at Don Mueang airport trying to flee with stolen diamond necklace

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Filipino theft gang busted at Don Mueang airport trying to flee with stolen diamond necklace | Samui Times
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A Filipino theft gang was busted by tourist police after it stole a diamond necklace from a jewelry and gems exhibition in Mueang Thong Thani and tried to flee to Phuket from Don Mueang airport last night.

filipino-theft-gang-busted-at-don-mueang-airportThe arrest of the Filipino gang, comprising three men and two women, came after the owner of a booth at the 58th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair alerted tourist police at 6.00 pm yesterday that his 300,000 baht diamond necklace had been stolen.

According to Paramin Taharian, the booth owner, he suspected two foreign tourists, a woman and a man, visiting his booth at 2.00 pm took the necklace as a CCTV camera could capture the man quickly snatched the necklace from the showcase while he was busily attending to the woman who at that moment was speaking to someone on the mobile phone.

The two later left in a hurry.

He was not aware of the missing diamond necklace until he later checked in the file photography of all jewelry items on displayed in the showcase at 6.00 pm and found the necklace went missing.

He looked through the video footage and found the man who came with the woman took away the necklace.

After his complaint, tourist police then alerted tourist and immigration offices at both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports to watch for the two persons appeared on the video footage.

The two were later spotted checking in the airport’s departure lounge with three other men.

A search of their luggage later produced the stolen diamond necklace among other copied jewelry items in a luggage belonging to another member of the gang.

All were then detained and questioned. All were about to leave for Phuket and then to Manila.

They are identified as Mrs Canoy Adoration, 58, Mr Ebueza Christian Carpio, 27, Mr
Bien Nonoy Mulobuko 27, Mrs Mallari Sofia, 56, and Mr Chapoco Florenz Velarde, 65.

Tourist police said all the five suspects came together in group on September 5 and have booked return flight to Manila on September 12.

Tourist police are investigating if they have commuted similar thefts in the past or not in other tourist cities.

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