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Find out what two of the Samui Times Juicy Wight Loss Challenge contestants thought of the diet week

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Find out what two of the Samui Times Juicy Wight Loss Challenge contestants thought of the diet week | Samui Times
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Our Juicy weight loss contestants have now almost completed their week of fasting and juicing. After a pre comp meeting, comparing food diaries prior to the diet and having some motivational speeches the six embraced the diet as well as a fitness program that includes workouts with weight loss expert Anzhela.

We caught up with two of the contestants to find out how they are finding the diet and how they felt during the competition.

Contestant B

work out 1Generally I have enjoyed the week. The juices are delicious, although I do feel hungry by the afternoon. It has been difficult for me to stay on track as my kids have been on half term and I have to confess to a secret mouthful of solids on occasion! I have not managed during the week to give up coffee (but it’s a liquid, right?!), however I have stopped smoking, which I consider far more important.

I have really enjoyed the exercise this week and this has helped me to rekindle my passion for keeping fit.

Thanks to Angela for her inspiration and encouragement during the week and to my fellow victims for making it a fun week!

Contestant A
I have not felt hungrry at all, although I could eat as I am missing the daily ritual of eating and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t fancy a big juicey steak washed down with a nice glass of wine.The juices have not been as bad as I thought they would be. Physically I am sleeping well, and not hurting as much as I did at the beginning of the week. I have added my own walks in the evenings to the program as I have found that this helps to stop me from getting bored and keeps my body moving.

So tomorrow is our last juicing day and then on Monday morning we are going to do the weigh ins and measurements and find out who is the winner 🙂

The contestants can expect to lose at least seven pounds of fat during these seven days and the contestant that looses the biggest overall body weight percentage will win a full month of personal training with Anzhela. The winner will be announced next week.

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