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First a python – now this in a lady’s loo!

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First a python – now this in a lady’s loo! | Samui Times
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Following last week’s attack on a man’s privates by a three metre python in a toilet comes news of a new bathroom critter .

toilet nightmaresThis time it wasn’t a snake but a water monitor come to say hello in a lady’s loo as she prepared to do her business reported Daily News.

Sirinthip Siangkaew only saw the creature’s tail and thought it must be a snake so she called in the Sawang Benjatham foundation to help. They were cautious but quickly realized that it was not a snake but what the Thais refer to politely as “tua ngern tua thong” or the silver and gold one, a one foot long baby water monitor.

Sirinthip, the former president of the Rotary Club of Samut Songkram, said that the family had usually been able to flush unwelcome guests down the pan but after last week’s attacked hospitalized a man she decided to call in the animal catchers to be sure. “We shall have to find a way to stop the creatures getting in after this, “she said.

The monitor was kindly released back into the wild perhaps thankful himself to be out of harm’s way…

Thais have a love hate relationship with the water monitor. It’s more common name is one of the rudest swear words in the Thai language. Some people believe that using its polite name will bring good fortune.

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