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Five Chefs pull off another culinary masterpiece this time at the Intercontinental

Samui Times Editor



Five Chefs pull off another culinary masterpiece this time at the Intercontinental | Samui Times
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Following the tremendous success of the ‘When Five Chefs Play with Black Diamonds” event at the Napasai by Orient Express & L’arbre a’ Truffle, French specialist, the islands top five chefs got together once again on the 16th of December, this time at the InterContinentflames 4.1al, to provide another culinary masterpiece for their discerning diners.

This time the event focused on a seven course dinner with a wood fried cooking theme at the wonderful beachfront Flames restaurant.

The chefs takinflames 5.2g part in this very special event were Chef Luke of the InterContinental, Chef Gilles of the Napasai, Chef Konrad from the Conrad Koh Samui, Chef Sebastian from the Red Snapper and Chef Azizs from The Scent and Peace Resort.

This evening of gastronomy started with a tease from Chef Luke. The smoked eggplant, burnt chili, BBQ Parma ham, crunch pork peanut butter on a cracker certainly set the standard for the evening.flames 6.1

Chef Sebatien the wowed the guests with his dish of from Luke, then its Tiger prawn tandoori, mango chutney and pumpkin hummus. The dish, as you would expect was creatively put together and prepared and presented to perfection.

Chef Gilles then presented his dish of white snapper marinated in honey and soy, charcoal gilled and caramelized. The flavors of this disflames 7h combined perfectly together without detracting from the delicate flavor and texture of the fish.

The sweet and our greens, grilled baby gem and Teriyaki vegetables from Chef Konrad was another hit and a perfect example of how a vegetarian dish can combine just as many flavors and textures as a non vegetarian dish.

Chef Aziz then showed off his culinary expertise by presenting a charcoal fillet of Australian rib eye, porcini pflames 8.1uree, crispy baby spinach and wooed oven roasted garden beet and carrots. This dish was simply exquisite, with just the right amount of delicate wood flavor pervading the ever so tender rib eye.

The Chefs then presented a most decadent dish of Camembert, BBQ, garlic focaccia that was warm, rich and creamy and indulgently delicious. This was followed by a wood fired oven apple tart with vanilla bean ice cream on coriander sand flames 10complete with marshmallows to be toasted over the open fire.

With incredible surroundings, Michelin chefs at the helm, a fabulous juggling act and attentive staff it is no surprise that once again the evening was a resounding success that wetted the appetite of all in attendance for the next exciting five chefs experience that will take place at the Conrad early next year.

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