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Five ex-convicts nabbed for drug trafficking

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Five ex-convicts nabbed for drug trafficking | Samui Times
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Provincial police have arrested five suspects, who are ex-convicts released on a pardon last month, for involving in drug trafficking.
Police have also seized 156, 000 tablets of methamphetamine, known as ya baa, and four kilograms of ice or crystal meth as evidence.
The five are to face charges as repeat offenders.
The five comprise Sommai “Bang Meen” Kaewampai, Surachet “Fan” Suwannahong, Wisarut “To” Kiatprasert, Tum Jarawattanatham and Songyot “Aed” Woytaku.
They all met at a prison while serving the sentence together for drug trafficking.
A female gang member, Supaporn “Ploy”Ngamsan, has been nabbed as the sixth suspect. And she has no prior record.
Based on the investigative report, police initially received a tip-off about Sommai’s resumption of drug trafficking soon after he was released from prison.
The investigation led to the discovery of the trafficking gang formed by ex-convicts.
In other news, the Business Development Department has the training programme for convicts to become entrepreneurs so that they could start up small- and medium-sized business following their release from prison.
BDD director-general Pongpun Gearaviriyapun said the training is part of the plans to promote and attract newcomers to the SME businesses.
Pongpun voiced optimism that the government assistance for ex-convicts to start up their own business would help to reduce the number of repeat offenders.
She said the training at Thon Buri Prison would serve as a model for other prisons to emulate on.
Many convicts are undergoing training to horn their professional skills in making furniture, clothings, dress accessories, shoes and food, she said.
The BDD would provide additional courses designed to start up the business based on professional skills.
For example, convicts trained in cooking would be assisted to market their food products. This will, in turn, enable them to save up and have the start-up capital for business following their release.
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