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Flower selling and beggar gang on Samui arrested earlier this month

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Flower selling and beggar gang on Samui arrested earlier this month | Samui Times
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On 5th of August Mr. Poonsak, a police chief in Samui, along with social services representative Mrs. Rakanam and specialized staff from the Development and Human Security department from Surat Thani arrested a gang of child illegal aliens know to sell flowers at night in the Chaweng area.

Authorities are clamping down on the activities of beggars and child flower sellers as they disturb the tourists and give the island a bad reputation.

child selling gangThe children, aged 10, 14 and 17 are from Vietnam. A Mrs. Ping who apparently takes care of the children told the police she was the mother of the children. However when she was asked to provide proof of her relationship to the infants she was unable to provide any. Later a Mrs. Ding (last name not provided) was arrested for begging on Chaweng beach road. The woman claimed to be a Thai national from Issan but like Mrs. Ping could not substantiate her claims with any proof or paperwork.

A Mr. Apechart Krathong, 41 then arrived on the scene on his motorbike and claimed to be a Mrs. Dings husband. When the police searched his motorbike they discovered tourist police business cards and a walky talky. The man then told the officers that he used to work as head of security for the tourist police. However it transpired that he previously had worked as a security guard and had kept the walky talky in order to communicate with Mrs. Ping and tip her off as to where the children could beg and sell flowers after he had checked the area out for police presence.

The social security representative told the police that the Vietnamese children had been arrested and taken into care on a previous occasion before being sent back to Vietnam, however a few weeks later they returned. Mrs. Ping will now be charged under child protection laws and the children will be taken into protective care.

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