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Flying to or around Thailand on a Budget? Consider These Low-Cost Airlines

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Flying to or around Thailand on a Budget? Consider These Low-Cost Airlines
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Thailand is an ideal country to travel to on a budget, especially when it comes to booking flights. Slightly bigger than Spain, flying cross country is a breeze, ensuring short flights and cheap prices. Meanwhile, Thailand’s central location makes it the perfect launching pad for exploring Southeast Asia, with neighboring Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to the east and Myanmar to the west. You can also easily book cheap flights to the other countries on the souther peninsula — Malaysia and Singapore — while Indonesia is but a stone’s throw away.

Located in the centre of the country, Bangkok is the bustling travel hub of Thailand. Most international flights fly into Bangkok before transferring to small cities around the country. International flights primarily fly into one of three main cities: Bangkok in the centre, Chiang Mai in the north and Phuket in the southA flight from Chiang Mai in the North to Phuket in the south takes just over 4 hours as is one of the longest flights you could book.

Before we name the budget airlines for flights to and around Thailand, you need to know there are two airports in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced Su-var-na-poom) located east of the capital in Samut Prakan province, is the big modern airport and most flights, especially international ones, arrive and depart from here. The “higher-end” domestic airlines are also located here. Don Mueang International Airport, located in Rangsit in North Bangkok, is much smaller and older, now used mostly for budget airlines and domestic flights.

Air Asia

Air Asia is a low-cost airline based in Malaysia. It is Malaysia’s largest airline, with over 165 destinations in 25 countries. It was founded back on December 20, 1993. AirAsia is not only one of the most affordable ways to travel around Thailand, but it is also a fantastic airline. It may be the most popular and is used by a large number of people throughout the country. It is both inexpensive and convenient. It flies all around the country, as well as to a few other countries. You have various alternatives with the airline, from early morning to late at night. The airline also gives you some options and customisation, but it does come with a price. Pun intended. If you wish to have an in-flight meal or a specific seat, then you have to pay extra. Also, there is a choice if you want to go for Premium Flex, but that will be a step up from the standard fare. Each person is allowed 7kg of cabin baggage allowance while the checked one is at 20kg. If your luggage is heavier than the standard 20kg then you have to pay extra between 100-200 baht. The airline arrives and departs at Don Mueang International Airport.

Nok Air

Nok Air is a Thai low-cost airline that was founded in February 2004. It began operations on July 23, 2004. As the name suggests, everything the airline offers will be under one theme. Nok, or bird. The plane itself has yellow accents to look like a bird, meanwhile the flight attendants uniform, you guessed it, is in yellow. The airline provides complimentary refreshments: snacks, water, and Wi-Fi, and its service is excellent. The airline offers a variety of routes across Thailand, giving you many options to choose from. Nok Airways has three options for customers, Nok Lite, Nok X-Tra and Nok MAX. The difference depends on how heavy your luggage is, the seating option, and in-flight meals. Nok Lite only allows a 7kg carry on without a checked luggage option. Nok X-tra gives you extra checked baggage at 15kg alongside a 7kg carry-on. The Nok Max provides you with a nice meal along with 25kg checked baggage for local/domestic flights, 30kg for international flights, and a 7kg carry-on. The airline arrives and departs at Don Mueang International Airport.

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is a regional airline based out of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It flies to local destinations in Thailand as well as neighbouring Asian countries. What makes Bangkok Airways stand out from the rest is what they offer in the same price range. It provides private lounges at many Thai airports. You can take advantage of free food, beverages, and Wi-Fi before you board the plane. Sometimes it might cost a bit more than other airlines, but if you value the lounge and the smaller details, this is the right airline. Bangkok Airways have a few options to choose from when you’re booking your flight. Every customer is allowed 20kg of baggage allowance.

Thai Smile

Thai Smile is Thai Airways’ low-cost brand, which only began flying in 2012. On 20 May 2011, the Thai Airways board of directors announced plans to establish a new low-cost airline, Thai Wings, which was eventually renamed Thai Smile. You’ll get a 20 kilogram limit for your luggage, and this is a huge step ahead compared to the other competitors on the list. Customers will have 4 different fare options to suit their wants and needs. If you are fussy about where you sit on a flight, you will be happy to know that you can select your seat up to 90 days in advance. The ‘saver’ option is affordable without losing a lot of benefits. It flies to many destinations, both locally and internationally. Saver, value, and Flexi plan allow you with 20 Kgs baggage allowance in Thailand and 30kgs for International routes. For the plus plan, you are allowed with a 30 Kgs baggage allowance in Thailand and 40kgs for International routes. The airline arrives and departs at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Note: Because this article is written during the pandemic, prices are subject to change. Before checking in for your flight, it’s important to check with your airlines for any announcements and to have all the necessary documents in hand. Each crew member should be wearing masks and gloves on duty for the safety of everyone on the flight.


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