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Food Donations Get Out Of Hand In Bangkok

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Food Donations Get Out Of Hand In Bangkok | Samui Times
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A good samaritan who set up a pantry full of food donations in front of his home to feed the poor but soon got scared after people came to the door of his house, screaming and demanding that he donate more food.

Former Hat Yai resident, who is currently living in Bangkok, posted a photo on his Facebook page today, taken from surveillance cameras at his friend’s house, along with a caption explaining that his friend had installed a pantry in front of his house and put up a sign inviting the less fortunate to eat it.

But later, the man was forced to take the pantry back to his house, due to rain but he left the sign there.

Then at 2:50 p.m, his maid called while outside, saying that about eight people were in his house demanding food.

Some of them kept ringing the house bell in frustration because they saw the sign and hoped that some food would be available, but when they saw there wasn’t anyone they refused to leave until they got what they wanted.

The Facebook post added that those donating food to shared pantries had to be more careful and better manage the situation so that they weren’t hit in the same way.

SOURCE: The Nation 

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