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Foreign English teacher attacked and raped in rice paddy – rapist hunted in Bangkok

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Foreign English teacher attacked and raped in rice paddy – rapist hunted in Bangkok | Samui Times
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Reports have emerged that a South African teacher of English at a school in Kamphaeng Phet was raped on Saturday.

english-teacher-raped-in-thailandThe woman – described as white skinned, slim and pretty – was repeatedly punched in the stomach then raped in a rice paddy. She was named only as “Care”.

She had been offered a lift to a bus station by two men on a motorcycle. The victim has identified the driver of the motorcycle while the rapist has reportedly fled to Bangkok, reports Sanook.

The incident happened in the Pran Kratai district on Saturday night.

The teacher went to police to report the attack and after CCTV footage was examined a man was soon arrested at his house nearby.

Somsak (or Keh), 24, said that he had been drinking alcohol with a friend called Aphisit (or On) Sahachart, 29.

They had run out of money and decided to ride home together on a motorbike to get more money to continue drinking.

On the way they met the English teacher walking alone and offered her a lift to the bus station. Somsak told police that she was “white skinned, slim and pretty”. She sat in the middle of the two men.

According to Somsak his friend ordered him to drive about the area and they ended up by a rice paddy. Once there he said that Aphisit dragged the victim off.

She was subdued by two or three punches to the stomach and Somsak said she screamed out.

She was then raped over a period of two hours by Aphisit.

Somsak said he was just a lookout.

The two men then took her to a market area and left her.

Police said that the victim had picked out Somsak from an identity parade and they were now hunting for Aphisit who they believed had fled to Bangkok.

They said they had gone to his mother’s house in the Pran Kratai area and urged her to contact him to give himself up.


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