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Foreign ladies sunbathing in undies not happy to have to cover up

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Foreign ladies sunbathing in undies not happy to have to cover up | Samui Times
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Two foreign ladies sunbathing in their undies got the hump when asked to cover up by a Thai policeman.

naked falangNot waiting to hear his explanation that they might be putting themselves at risk in a secluded area the ladies put on clothes and went off in a huff – without a word of thanks, source Daily News

The two ladies, aged about twenty, were sunning themselves in bras and panties in a public park near the historical ruins in Ayutthaya. A police patrol on bicycles in the area had been alerted as a group of men started eying them up in the wooded area of the park while other men were stopping on bikes to have a good gawk.

But when an officer approached the pair, that he thought were Europeans, they were most unhappy and unappreciative of his good intentions.

Pariphat Niamdaeng of the Ayutthaya police bicycle patrol division said: “We asked them to cover up because we were concerned for their safety. But they were not happy at being told at all and walked off dissatisfied.

“They didn’t wait to listen to my explanation that that is a secluded area with lots of trees that could provide cover for people up to no good and could present a danger to them. It was also not proper attire in a public park. Female foreign tourists just don’t seem to understand this point and that they might be placing themselves in a difficult position.”

Most posters on one news site were firmly behind the police on this one with many saying that the officers meant well and should not have been met with rudeness. One complained that foreign tourists were often suspicious of Thais’ actions even though they are usually well intentioned.

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