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Foreign Man & His Family Begging On KSR

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Foreign Man & His Family Begging On KSR | Samui Times
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Photos are circulating online today via web community Reddit showing a foreign man with two young children busking and begging on Khaosan Road.

falang beggingIt would appear from the sign placed next to his donation bag that he is trying to raise cash to cover insurance costs. The handwritten cardboard sign in English reads: Thanks you for listening and helping us to recover insurance excess of Rebeka’s operation.

He has also written a sign in Thai hoping for some goodwill and generosity from the locals, however, after the antics of the German scammer last September they might not be so forthcoming after being duped once before by a farrang “in need”.

The original says he seen the man last month with his children last month and a friend shared these photos taken this week around the busy backpacker ghetto.

No names or details on the nationality of the family were shared.

Source Stickyboy

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