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Foreign pervert on sky train arrested for rubbing up against women

Samui Times Editor



Foreign pervert on sky train arrested for rubbing up against women | Samui Times
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After several female commuters complained about a man’s inappropriate sexual behavior on the skytrain a 40 year old Yemen man was arrested on Friday evening at Saphan Taksin BTS station.

One of the female passengers who fell prey to the pervert’s antics reported that while on the train she felt something hard pressing up against her from behind. The woman moved away from the man and towards the doors of the train but it happened second time. When she turned round she was horrified to see that the man was aroused and attempted to take a photo of the offender but he hid his arousal behind a shopping bag.

Another woman reported a similar encounter with the man and by the time the train arrived at the next station four women had been subjected to perverted harassment. When the train stopped four passengers stood around the pervert, to stop him from running while the women made their complaint. When the station security called the police the man was questions and told the officers that he was very sorry and was happy for the women to hit him by way of revenge before yelling out that he would pay off everybody to make the problem disappear. Police discovered that the man had been overstaying his visa since October and was detained, he will remain detained while an immigration investigation takes place.

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