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Foreigner Caught Red Handed Stealing Food In Bangkok

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Foreigner Caught Red Handed Stealing Food In Bangkok | Samui Times
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An unfortunate foreigner caught stealing food from a supermarket was shocked when a policeman paid the bill and gave him the change.

The bitter-sweet situation occurred when an unidentified Western man packed about 500 bahts of snacks to his top in the Esplanade shopping center in the Ratchada region of Bangkok.

The security guard caught the man in the act and with a passing Grab delivery driver detained the man and called the police.

But what happened next shocked everyone in the shop, who was surrounding the foreigner to watch the arrest unfold.

An off-duty police officer witnessed the scenario and arrived to assess the situation, but rather than take the guy away in a police car, he instead paid for the goods the man stole with a 1,000 baht note and gave the foreigner the change.

“The policeman realised straight away that they foreigner wasn’t stealing for money,” said a witness.

“Usually thief’s take alcohol or expensive things, so when the policeman saw the good he saw the man only had food and was trying to steal them because he was hungry.”

Sources say the officer checked the foreigner’s passport, which showed he had overstayed in the country for more than a month. he claimed he was stuck in Thailand because of Covid-19 outbreak but was here legally under the visa amnesty.

An Onlooker said “I was truly shocked, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In the end, everyone in the shop felt sorry for the farang.”

SOURCE: Stickboybkk

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