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Foreigners Not Allowed At Famous Wat Pho Temple




Foreigners Not Allowed At Famous Wat Pho Temple | Samui Times
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Apparently, no foreigners are being allowed to visit the Temple of the Reclining Buddha as a large sign displaying the unwelcoming has been put up outside.

The sign, which says, “ONLY THAI PEOPLE … NOW NOT OPEN FOR FOREIGNERS” clearly shows the fears that some have over Covid-19 spreading via “farang” or white foreigners.

Richard Barrow, a famous expat blogger, tried to enter the temple to pay respects to Buddha but was denied even after claiming he was not a tourist.

The temple, known in Thai as Wat Pho, reopened last week but posted on its Facebook page that it was restricting access for the “safety of tourists.”

“It’s because most Covid-19 cases were found in foreigners,” a temple representative told Coconuts Bangkok, confirming that they are only are only allowing Thais to visit at the moment.

The famous tourist attraction is currently in the process of restoring its Reclining Buddha as well as some of the paintings inside.

A spokesperson from the tourism ministry told Khaosod that temples can decide to allow foreigners or not, but said tourist destinations should wait before letting in foreigners.

Other cases of reported xenophobia have come to light with foreigners reporting restaurants refusing them entry, bus companies denying foreign passengers, random tourist attractions, hair salons and massage services also only allowing Thais to enter.

Thailand’s Public Health Minister also made his feelings well-known publicly by calling foreigners ‘dirty farang’ at a health ministry PR outing in March after some foreigners didn’t take free medical masks.


SOURCE: The Thaiger

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