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Foreigners upset Thai’s by doing ‘yoga’ at a temple

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Foreigners upset Thai’s by doing ‘yoga’ at a temple | Samui Times
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At Chiang Mai’s Ratchabophit Temple locals look on in horror as a group of farangs started to practice yoga in an area where the upmost respect is normally expected.

temple yogaThe incident occurred on December the 23rd but many Thai’s are still posting about it on Social Media. The concept of turning up at a temple in shorts and skin tight yoga attire before engaging in poses that involved a young females legs being spread eagled is very alien for Thai people who remain calm and composed around holy ground.

One disgusted onlooker sent a photo of the young foreigners to the Chiang Mai, CM180 local news group who pointed out how inappropriately the tourists were acting “A group of farang was found to be doing a workout (at a temple) supposedly yoga. They spread their arms and legs while their friends were taking photos. This was done in public view of both locals and tourist” the caption said.

Tourists arriving in Thailand unaware of local customs is nothing new, sadly since the internet took over from publications from the Lonely Planet, that had several pages of local information for each country, the message seems to not be getting across. Previously those sitting around in bus stations, ferry ports and airline departure lounges thumbing through the pages of tourist guides would easily happen across information including how to conduct yourself in a new country. While most do not arrive wishing to offend locals in Thailand the site of men in speedos and women in bikinis’ in public still greatly offends local Thais and more often than not, western visitors and ex-pats.


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