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Former monk’s surprise return to Thailand

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Former monk’s surprise return to Thailand | Samui Times
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A former monk raised some eyebrows when he returned to Thailand after nearly twenty years of absence.

Phra Yantra Ammaro Bhikkhu’s return to Thailand coincided with the statue of limitations on a lawsuit for his alleged defamation against the late Supreme Patriarch expiring.

former monkPhra Yantra Ammaro Bhikkhu’s monkhood attracted a large following in the 1980’s but he faced legal action after the alleged insults and an alleged sexual scandal that suggested he had affairs with women including Chantima Mayarangsri who became pregnant and gave birth to a girl who was named Kratai and was five years old when the allegation went before the Supreme Sangha Council in 1995. The Supreme Sangha Council resolved to disrobe Phra Yantra. But he denied committing the alleged wrongdoing and allegedly made inappropriate remarks to the late Supreme Patriarch.
On his return to Thailand he was welcomed by his former disciples. Now 60 Mr Winai who long grey hair and a beard entered Thailand via Malaysia during the Songkran festival. During his trip he paid respect to Phra Khru Suthammanchan, the abbot of Wat Rattanaram in Pak Phanang, the monk who ordained him in 1974.

In a brief interview with reporters he said “all law suits have expired, all the news was fabricated, I never insulted the Supreme Patriach. I plan to come back to stay in Thailand permanently when the political situation dies down”. It is believe he intends to make the Sunyataram Religious Centre in Kanchanaburi his home.

He said he decided to return to Wat Rattanaram after learning that Phra Khru Suthammachan had fallen ill. The trip was sponsored by his younger daughter who took care of him while he lived in the United States after his escape from the defamation case, he also said he plans to return to the USA on May 1st.

His visit has attracted several visitors over one week in the South, especially those from Nakhon Si Thammarat. Among them is Pak Phanang mayor Phichet Klasuthon who met Mr Winai at the Ton Hat community in Pak Phanang district on Monday.

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