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Former Thai Embassy Employee Caught Forging Visa Papers

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Former Thai Embassy Employee Caught Forging Visa Papers | Samui Times
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A former employee of the Thai Embassy in Singapore was arrested by the Immigration Police at a hotel in Chiang Rai for possession of counterfeit documents related to visa extensions.

The Chiang Rai Times has confirmed that David Han, 26, had told the police that he was still employed at the Embassy, but officers found discrepancies in his visa papers and contacted Embassy officials in Singapore.

Their investigation found that Han had not served at the Embassy since 2015 and that his papers had been fabricated.

Police say they believe that Han continued to create fake documents for himself and others after leaving his job at the Embassy.

Authorities have also accused him of manipulating paperwork on credit card applications in order to fund investments in stocks.

Police say Han is estimated to have over 700,000 baht in credit card debt and about 1 million baht invested in stocks.

Han has admitted to making fraudulent papers and police claimed those papers were very close in resemblance to the real documents.

Authorities revoked Han’s visa and filed a police report at Thung Song Hong Police Station in Bangkok.

Police have detained Han in Bangkok where he will await trial.

SOURCE:Chiang Rai Times

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